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Happy MUNday


That’s right, I’m picking on your moral compasses this week! Murder should never be taken lightly, but this is a video game and death is everywhere, so why not explore that very first kill in your characters life?

It’s a hard life out there in Nexus and people do what they must to survive, including murder. If your character had to take a life how would it impact them? If they already did, what was it like for them the first time? How and why did it happen?

As always, answering is optional (but it is fun to think about and might inspire drabbles later on), and if you feel it’s a spoiler then by all means, skip it!

Have fun ~!

Zetasha was also a doctor pre-contagion and her first time killing someone was when she failed to save someone’s life. It was very hard on her, and she almost gave up her practice but family and friends at the time managed to keep her on track. Eventually she’d grow cold to the concept of someone dying under her knife though and nowadays she doesn’t really feel much when it happens. If anything she blames it on the person for not having enough willpower to fight to stay alive.

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